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Covid Testing

ONSite Covid-19 Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted many areas of American life, including schools and normal business operations. And while preventative measures such as remote school and working can help, they cannot be applied to all models or occupations. This leaves your most essential assets – your students and employees – exposed to contagion and our most critical business operations facing negative economic impact.

At One Love, we’re leaning on our deep history of caring for our communities to assist in the challenges of protecting our youth and your workforce against COVID-19.

Image by JC Gellidon

School Testing

One Love Services will come to your school and test your students.  We offer a convenient in-school solution to ensure the safety and well being of your students.

Attendant with a Clipboard

Work Place Testing

To keep your staff and employees safe, allow our team of specialists to visit your workplace.

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