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Residential Level II Treatment

We offer inpatient programs to address the needs of males ages 6 to 18 suffering from psychiatric or substance use disorders.

Outpatient Treatment

Day and evening programs are available for people who don't need hospitalization but can benefit from a consistent therapeutic environment.

Toxicology Drug Testing

Physicians have the freedom to choose from a list of specific drug panels or create a custom panel that is specific to their practice and treatment protocols.

Nationally Accredited

Behavioral Health Agency

One Love Services Provides teens, adults, and senior adults with Comprehensive treatment for a range of psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.

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Support Group

CARF Accredited Mental Health Agency

Serving Vaya, Cardinal Innovations and Sandhills Catchment Areas.

One Love Services is a mental health treatment provider serving Charlotte, NC & Morganton, NC. We offer mental health and substance abuse counseling for teens, adults and senior adults in private, caring and compassionate outpatient settings. If you have a mental health question, or are in need of help, please call us for a no cost consultation at (704) 510-4285. Walk ins are welcomed.

Drug Testing
Create a custom panel that is specific to a specific practice and/or treatment protocols.
Clinical Assessment
Intensive, clinical, face-to-face evaluations to address consumers mental health needs.

Medication Management
Prescribe, track effectiveness, and monitor medications prescribed to patients.
Intensive In Home
Team approach to assist children and adolescents that are at risk of out-of-home placement and need intensive intervention.

Therapy Session

Clinical assessment is a way of diagnosing and planning treatment for a patient that involves evaluating someone in order to figure out what is wrong. There are many types of psychological assessments, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Services provided by Nurse Practitioners/Physicians Assistants, which are intensive, clinical, face-to-face evaluations to address the consumer's mental health history and needs.

Information is gathered on the patient’s problems, current needs, and strengths. Each case is reviewed with a multi-disciplinary treatment team using nationally accepted criteria such as the American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM).

An individualized plan of care is then developed with each client to guide and measure the progress in the recommended services.

Child Therapist

Treatment can begin with a single phone call asking for help. Anyone who comes to the One Love Services to receive treatment services begins with a thorough evaluation. This clinical assessment may take more than one visit and is conducted by specifically trained staff.

Treatment is offered in phases and through several modalities: individual sessions, group counseling, and family sessions, as well as in different intensities, or levels of care. Clients may participate in just one or several levels of care during their treatment experience.

Clients move through treatment at their own rate. Transitions from phases or levels of treatment are determined by a therapist based on the client’s progress and current status.

Working from Home

Intensive In-Home Services supports children and adolescents and their families when behavioral and mental health issues may result in removal from the home environment without timely intervention. Additionally, children and adolescents who are transitioning home from an out-of-home placement such as foster care, detention, or residential programs may be appropriate for services.

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Level II Residential Program Type

Provides therapeutic services to adolescent males with mental/developmental and/or physical disabilities within a group home setting as well as in the community. Services are designed to build upon an individual’s strengths and provide community supports while minimizing escalation of behaviors that may lead to more restrictive treatment settings and prevent recurrence of symptoms. Treatment frequency, modality, and length of stay will vary by individual needs and preferences (24-hour services 7 days).


Medication management is one of five key areas known to reduce avoidable readmissions. Hospitals working on this topic will focus on improving the use of medications for the patient’s condition and ensuring that the patient understands the purpose of the medications and is taking them in the correct manner at the correct time. Interventions may include medication reconciliation, patient/family education on medications, medication therapy management, and medication set-up simulations for the patient/family.

Mother and Daughter Love

Think back to the biggest, most important endeavor you've ever taken on. Perhaps you were presenting to the CEO, taking on a triathlon, or taking an exit exam in hopes of getting to graduate with your degree. Now the critical question. Did you just wing it? Probably not, so let us help you along with our parenting classes. Believe it or not, parenting choices don’t always come naturally for what is or isn’t right. Everyone can use some guidance to help us make better-informed choices.

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One Love Periodic Services, Inc.

Our Reviews
We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service for our clients.

Jeanne Kennedy LeGall

Today I am homeless no more and will soon be returning back to work. I recommend this service to anyone who finds themselves in a crisis. Making that call is the first step, the staff will help you through the rest. Thank you to all of the staff at ONE LOVE SERVICES, thank you!

Darren Hudson

I love the staff here. They are a good team that help patients heal, and then set them up for success after they leave.

Mitchel Favian

Great, caring resource for drug rehab and mental illness. Great food, group counseling, recreational therapy, etc. So much to offer.


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